Under the inky, starry sky You chased me and called my name; Your voice reverberated through my every core You took my hand the way you used to; A touch so familiar and enthralling Then you smiled — Damn. It never fails to catch me off-guard Words started to come out of your sweet lips: … More 1:19


Sino ka Para pumasok sa buhay ko Para iwanan lang din ako Sino ka Para ibigay ang kaligayahang inaasam ko Para paluhain lang din ako Sino ka Para iangat ako ng napakataas Para ibagsak lang din nang walang sasalo Sino ka Para magbigay ng pag-asa Para wasakin lang din ito Sino ka Sino ka ba … More HUH?


Let me share with you something I heard from one of my superiors in the office that pretty much hit me right in the feels: “You never really forget someone until they are superimposed.” Of course, not everyone will agree but when I think about it, it does make a lot of sense (at least … More Super.


One of the worst feelings in the world is when someone makes you feel disposable; it’s like you’re not worth anything despite all the things you did and shared with that person because you’ve seen how easily they’ve thrown everything away. Sure, they may have bigger reasons for leaving you, but that doesn’t make it … More Trash.


My heart is breaking Little by little, the pieces are falling And piercing what’s inside. At first I can hardly feel the pain But as the shards continue to fall A burn so inexplicable So excruciating Gradually crushed what’s left. Until I can no longer feel.

What Changed?

This is a question that has been nagging me recently. It’s so weird how everything could change overnight; it makes you feel lost and confused because you couldn’t help but think, “What went wrong?”, “Is it my fault?”, or “What’s on his mind?”. I’m not stupid to not see that something in you has changed; … More What Changed?


I’m terrified. You spoke to me of words; Words that made me flutter like a butterfly just out of its cocoon. I smiled, But I’m terrified. I wallowed in darkness, Keeping me safe and guarded. I opened my eyes and saw rays of light peeking Through the walls I built so high and mighty. It … More Terrified