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Colourpop Barracuda Review

​Among the Colourpop lippies I tried, this one takes the cake. For those who have tried this brand of lippie, we all know its formula is not consistent; it can get too cakey, too dry, but there are still some like this shade which staying power is just amazing!

The picture on the left is when I initially applied it, and the right was when I got home after having Mexican food for dinner and after having a bottle of wine. I didn’t need to retouch it. It didn’t smudge, didn’t bleed, didn’t feather, and didn’t fade! I was stoked when I checked if I needed to reapply it and saw that it was unnecessary.

The shade is also lovely. I like how deep this shade of red is, which is fitting for even in the office. The feel was also nice as it was not drying. The texture was like satin, as promised, but can get kind of sticky over time.

Barracuda is so far the best Colourpop lippie that I have, and I always love using it when going out as it is flattering. It’s definitely a great buy!



Fearfully and wonderfully made! :) Aaaaaand quirky at times.

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