Silver Lining.

Thought Catalog recently e-mailed me about including my article, “An Open Letter To An Almost Lover” (which was also published on their website), to be included in their book called, “The Truth About Almosts”. I was ecstatic and gave them my permission to do so.

Who would have thought that something I wrote out of heartbreak a year ago would go that far?

It went live yesterday. I was on the verge of tears when I saw MY article with MY name in a BOOK. Some people told me I should have at least asked for something out of it, but you know what, never have I imagined that this would happen to me. I mean, sure, writing is my passion, but I never saw myself having any of my works published internationally because I only write to express and never to impress. In a way, I got something out of it that is worth more than any money can buy: A DREAM COME TRUE. Miracles happen, you guys!!!

I originally called it Letting Go because, well, it was the day I finally let go of that particular person. So to you, thank you for the heartbreak. I’ve always said that having you was a blessing, and I’m glad that even if things didn’t work out for us, I can see that something good came out of it.🙂


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