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Let me share with you something I heard from one of my superiors in the office that pretty much hit me right in the feels:

“You never really forget someone until they are superimposed.”

Of course, not everyone will agree but when I think about it, it does make a lot of sense (at least for me). See here, for most of us, the feelings never really go away until you find someone who can fill in the void that motherfucker made. Sure, we’ve learned to deal with the loss and the pain, we’ve learned to genuinely laugh and smile again, we’ve learned to stop waiting for the texts and the calls that will never come, but admit it; at the end of the day, when we board on a feels train, you still find yourself yearning for that one person.

That one person whose hands you’d like to hold to make you feel better, who made you believe in the possibility of “something” again, who put you high up on a pedestal and made you feel all these wonderful things only to leave you cold and helpless on the ground, making you feel like shit.

That motherfucker.

So then, you try to meet new people and go on dates to distract yourself and make you focus on other things. You do this in the hopes of finding someone who would hopefully not turn out to be a jerk; you know, just someone better. You meet other people who are cuter and smarter than him and you find yourself having fun in their company and everything’s just great! You succeeded in getting him off your mind but when you get home and lie on your bed, all you can think of is:

“He’s not you.”

And it’s so stupid because the reason you are doing all these is to forget how you feel about him; to superimpose those feelings with new ones, to superimpose him with a better person. Despite knowing what an asshole he is, you still look for him. I mean, you’ve already succeeded in chasing the moon and the stars, but still, you choose to stay on the ground he dropped you off.

This is where I’m left confused. Given that scenario, you’ve already found other people who are way better than him, right? Then again, why do you still think about him at the end of the day? Why do you still want the person you can’t have? Is it because you haven’t really found that better person, or is it because superimposition doesn’t totally work in love?

Great. More questions.



Fearfully and wonderfully made! :) Aaaaaand quirky at times.

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