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I’m terrified.
You spoke to me of words;
Words that made me flutter like a butterfly just out of its cocoon.
I smiled,
But I’m terrified.

I wallowed in darkness,
Keeping me safe and guarded.
I opened my eyes and saw rays of light peeking Through the walls I built so high and mighty.
It crumbled down,
And I’m terrified.

I basked in your light,
Indulging in your warmth.
I have begun to see things clear,
And still, I’m terrified.

You held my hand.
It made me sing
A rhythm so pure and sweet.
I took your hand,
And clutched it with hope and joy.
I don’t understand,
But I’m terrified.

I woke up
And you were there.
I reached out
All I got was a blank stare.
I reached out again
And this time, you held my hand.
It was cold;
Painful, then numbing,
And I’m terrified.

I spoke to you of words,
Words that I was hoping to make you flutter like a butterfly just out of its cocoon;
You didn’t listen.

I let you bask in my light,
You turned away.

I held your hand,
It felt cold.

I reached out to you
As much as I could,
But you were stepping away
As far as you could.

How can there be so much pain
Over something that was never yours?
A storm is coming,
Should I walk away?
Or would you come back?

I wait for your answer.
I’m terrified.



Fearfully and wonderfully made! :) Aaaaaand quirky at times.

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