Time and again, I’ve always said that you’d know a person is not right for you when there is a need to chase them. I believe that those who were meant to stay in your life will never leave; if they do, they would always always find their way back regardless how far they wander. … More Expectations

Silver Lining.

Thought Catalog recently e-mailed me about including my article, “An Open Letter To An Almost Lover” (which was also published on their website), to be included in their book called, “The Truth About Almosts”. I was ecstatic and gave them my permission to do so. Who would have thought that something I wrote out of … More Silver Lining.

Moving Forward

​I never thought I’d be in the same spot again. Just when I accepted that things are going to be bleak for me, you came. You were that one person I didn’t expect to majorly turn things around for me. To be honest, I thought our first date would be our last because you were … More Moving Forward

Letting Go

Hey. I miss you. But this is the last time I’m going to write about you. We were never together, but I’d like to believe we almost were. We were never in love, but we had that “click”. The “click” we had the first time we met was too obvious not to ignore. I knew … More Letting Go

The Girl.

I don’t want to be this girl anymore. I don’t want to be the girl who gets attached so easily. The girl who always starts the conversation, and keeps it going at the same time. The girl who takes dates seriously, because why else would you date a person you have no intention of getting … More The Girl.